Warring Woman it's Your Turn - June 2002



Dear Sisters,


It’s the 5th Total Woman London Conference and I must say it is getting better every year by God’s grace. This year, God is inviting us as His warring women to a place of deep prayers; prayers that move mountains. This is a conference you cannot afford to miss. God will definitely be visiting us and gracing these meetings with His prophetic unction as all the speakers move in that realm.

For confusion, come and receive direction. God is calling you to reach out for the depth that can only be found in Him. To be battle-ready is to be battle-wise. The afternoon schools will be very enlightening and handy so make time to be there. After this conference you will never again be able to fish in shallow waters. Please don't come alone. Invite a friend. Book early, as space is limited. The conference is FREE as Jesus paid for it!!!


Yemi Adeleke