Daughters of God - Loosed for the Glory - June 1998



Venue: Jesus House, North Acton


Dear Sisters,


It is with great joy, antici-pation and gratitude to God and the participating churches that I introduce to you the First Annual Total Woman’s London Conference. It’s the first Women Conference of its kind (especially in London) as it brings together various women ministries. Be expectant as God intends to set you loose and release you into the glory that is coming upon the daughters of God in these last days. God intends to use this programme to set you in your rightful place in Christ. When God sets you nobody can upset you. You dare not miss this Conference or come alone. Be a blessing to others, come with all the women in your local church.


We have some great women of God, that God intends to use to bring His purpose for the conference to pass, and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you.


Pastor Yemi Adeleke (Host)