The Supernatural Woman in a Natural World - February 2007





The darkness is getting darker but thank God! The light shines brighter in the midst of darkness. This Conference promises to propel you from being a natural woman (unbeliever) or just an everyday Christian woman (Carnal) to being a supernatural woman. By the end of this conference, you would have been moved or motivated and empowered to eagerly want to live the Supernatural life. There is no doubt the woman that would constantly be on top (against all odds) is the woman that has chosen to live the supernatural life that Christ died to give her. An uncommon life that comes with new thoughts, new words and new deeds. It sure is going to be a powerful way to start your year.


God has prepared in the closet and in the open His generals to bear their hearts to us for 5 days. You just cannot afford not to take time out to be there. Be sure to bring someone with you. Its time to grow up and grow out.


Book early. See you soon, by God’s grace.


Yemi Adeleke