The Confident Woman Minister February 2004



It is my privilege and pleasure this year to remind you that you are God’s weapon of war.


You are His battle-axe and His secret weapon. Woman of God, it is God’s desire to bring you to a level of trust. A place where He can find you trustworthy and dependable. God Himself is dependable and would not want anything less from you and I. Dependability in the face of opposition (when He needs you to stand for Him most) is a sign of maturity.


Total Woman Ministries invites you for another year of refreshing, motivation and information. Come and sharpen your dull edges as your assignment must not fail. Woman, you are part of the Church, a part that is too important to be ignored. Come and learn what it takes for God to move you from being a broken reed to becoming a battle-axe. Whatever your role is in the house of God, there is a place for you during this conference. I can assure you, it will be a time of friendship and empowerment for delivery as you meet other women from other Churches and ministries. 

Come expectant but don’t come alone, see you there!


Yemi Adeleke