Conference History

It's over a fifteen years since the unveiling of this women-lead organization. A divine call that started from personal passion and conviction, that womanhood indeed must be celebrated, encouraged and challenged into their destinies. Its reassuring and encouraging to know that in such a short time, a lot of destinies that otherwise could have been ruined have been sustained, ministries have been birthed and strengthened, restoration experienced by a lot of delegates (spirit, soul and body). Training, resources and counselling have been made available for female pastors, pastor’s wives and ministers. Valuable advice (that have propelled them to the next level) have been given to many. Many marriages have been mended. Generally, healing, deliverance and hope have been given to the hopeless and a sense of belonging to all. More than anything the Kingdom of God has been expanded. Thank God!



And so for the past 15 years, The Total Woman Ministries has held the forefront of building the spiritual, mental and personal capacities of women in London, UK. It has been a divine catalyst to women all around the world.


We have had over 21 powerful conferences, which were held twice a year; The Women in Ministry held every February (which consist of women in Leadership of all kind, Pastors’ wives, First Ladies and head of ministries) and the Total Woman London Conference held every July, which is for all women, age and status irrespective.


This however changed in 2006, when we began to hold a yearly event, combining the 2 major events as one. We also added the Men Inclusive forum in 2001 and since then have had yearly either a couple's forum or men's forum. Following on from this we have also included a specialised forum with men in the hot seat tagged Minding the Mind of a Man- MMM and improved on our seminars wihich has brought forth the “More Than Lipstick Session”


We use this forum to welcome our Guest Speakers for the 2014 conference: Evangelist Susie Owens( USA), Pastor Funke Adetuberu ( Nigeria) , Pastor Celia Colins (UK), Prophetess Susan Noreen (UK) and of course the conference host- Pastor Olayemi Adeleke. Panelists at the MMM are Pastor Andrew Adeleke (UK), Pastor Koffi Banful (UK) and Pastor Omawunmi Efueye.


Products are available from all conferences with time-less teaching messages, still relavant to today's Total Woman. Please browse our products section for further details.


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