The Vision of Total Woman Ministries

This ministry by God's grace has the sole vision of reaching out to women of all categories (married, single, separated / divorced, young, middle-aged or elderly).


In line with our vision, we are committed:

• To network local women ministries.
• To influence women to excel in the excellence of God.

• To help develop the spiritual giftings in women.

• To help in giving women the opportunity to realise their worth and potentials in God.

• To motivate women to maximise their potentials without being rebellious or pompous.


How we Plan to Implement Our Vision


1. THE TOTAL WOMAN " Women in Ministry Conference"
This is a forum where:

• Women in ministry from different churches can come together to share their experiences with one another.

• We will discuss and shed spiritual light on sensitive common issues and encourage one another.

• The mind of God is shared about women in leadership, the challenges and the rewards.

• We can get to know one another and be there for one another.


Our first watchword is Joel 2: 28
"These are the last days and God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, even upon women and God would be raising prophetesses that would declare the total counsel and the mind of God."


Our second watchword is Isaiah 60: 1
"We would arise and shine, for our light has come and indeed the glory of the Lord shall be evidently seen upon us."





It is a forum:

• Where women are given the opportunity to deploy their potentials.

• Where gifted writers can minister to others and deploy the wealth in them.

• For advertising and encouraging Christian businesses.



This is a yearly event that:

• Unites women in the body of Christ.

• Gives us the opportunity to bring anointed women conference motivators and speakers from different parts of the world; as some churches on their own their own may not be able to invite them.

• Educate the women on various issues: marriage, singleness, business, parenting in an ungodly environment, children education, etc.