School of Perfect Finishing

The School Of Perfect Finishing is a 6 weeks crash course/once in a month 6 month course specially designed for ladies to empower or enhance their skills and personality. These workshops offer delegates a chance to, learn and gain practice tools/ techniques to develop new skills to enhance self employment or gain personal insight into self development.




Training Format, Venue & Time

Details to be confirmed. Please call us on 0207 277 4312 for more information


What to Expect
Our goal is to empower you or enhance your professional skills. Most of the trainings will be classroom based with practical classes as and when appropriate.


Topics include: Business Start Up, Home Management, Crockery, Bed Making, Dress Making, Cake Baking/Dressing, Beauty/Facial Facts, Financial Empowerment, Marital Counseling, Decoration/Ballooning, Life & Time Management, Surviving in the market place, etc.

You will be given course manuals and application guides or workbooks to compliment your training. You will receive the books on registration to prepare ahead of the class/sessions once your seat is confirmed.


Are Your Qualified?
If you see these classes are channeled to develop your skills and propel you into your dreams and ambitions in the identified areas. Registration is open to individuals who want to improve their creative management, leadership and relationship skills.


This includes the Training Manuals and Workbooks, Tea Breaks and Light Lunch.


What Do I Bring?
You will also need a pen, Notebook/journal


Please call us on 0207 277 4312 for details of payment or send a mail to admin@totalwomanministries.org.