A Life of faith Girl's Club

A Life of Faith — where ordinary girls develop extraordinary faith.


Its not another Sunday activity. It is life changing and promises to encourage motivate and young girls to be more excited for God.


Whether their adventure in God is just beginning, or they have been enjoying their life of faith for some time, living a life of faith in God is thrilling!


A life of faith is one in which girls are encouraged to actively, intentionally, and passionately seek to trust God; applying biblical principles to the issues of their daily lives. In other words. It is a lifestyle.


The group runs for 12 weeks when girls learn living the Faith through the imaginative world of Elsie Dinsmore, Millie Keith, Violet Travilla, Laylie Colbert, and Kathleen McKenzie (fictional characters).


The characters are fictional but not their problems - Loneliness, worry, waiting, temptation, fear, anger, rejection, trying so hard to be good and please God but often falling short of the mark, staying pure, etc. These problems are all too real, and all too common, especially for girls of their age.


The Club is biblical and activity based, giving them practical day –to-day understanding of the topics covered during sessions. Activities include, arts and crafts sessions e.g. bead making, pizza making etc.


Age Requirement: 8 – 12
Club Sessions – 12 weeks
Period of Year – Quarterly



FOR FURTHER INFORMATION EMAIL US AT registration@totalwomanministries.org