About Total Woman

These are wild, fast and confusing times especially for women. The church and society continue to debate the proper role of women. We are tossed between work, family and ministry (God-given assignments towards other). It will definitely take a "TOTAL WOMAN," a woman tapping into her God-given wisdom and ability to be able to "balance the roles".


TOTAL WOMAN is a non-profit organization founded by Pastor Olayemi Adeleke. We aim at encouraging women (single, married, divorced, widowed, young, middle-aged, grandparents, etc) to speak out their hearts and have their secret questions answered. The days of loneliness are over for women who have no one to talk to. Help is at hand for women who need it.


It is a ministry set up by God to bring out the best in woman (i.e. motivating, developing and encouraging woman to wholeness). The Total Woman Ministries is networking with churches to bring different local women ministries together. We believe that soundness in all areas (spirit, soul and body) is an important factor to how far God can use a woman. A total woman is a woman that is whole and sound all round. In these end times, God is using women more than ever though we are supposed to be the 'weaker vessels'. God is determined to use the weak things of the world to confound the strong. It is God's desire to use this Ministry to build up women of spiritual fervency, women of substance, sound mind and physical wholeness despite the devil's attacks. Women that have a positive influence on as many as they come across and would be a blessing to any church, family or community they find themselves in.


This ministry is international and interdenominational. Voluntary monthly or one-off contributions are welcome towards the funding of this ministry.